On Reveals, Debuts & Seeing Your Face

Published by Linda L. Richards on

I recently published a newsletter. A link to that is here. For me, the most exciting part is showing off the fourth book in the Endings series, Insensible Loss. That book will be published in September, but have a peek at the cover now. My lovely publisher has done a beautiful job with all of these books, but this cover seems extra special. What do you think?

 In Insensible Loss we meet once again with the beleaguered hit woman we first encountered in Endings way back in 2021. This time we get to places far beyond those I had previously thought possible. Those who have read the book have said it is the most cerebral of this series to date. (And I’m pretty sure they meant that in a good way.)

The book takes place mostly in the desert, in a place so remote it barely has a name. A world class artist plays a part (hence the blood-tipped paintbrush in the cover, so there’s a clue) and — of course — the dog survives this episode, too. (Just to reasure you: the dog will always survive. Even if no one else was left standing, he’d still be there.)

If you are curious or want to be kind, you can preorder the book. As I’ve told you before (and as you probably already know anyway) a preorder is every author’s very favorite thing. That’s because it tells all the publishing powers-that-be that people care about this author and their books at a time when decisions about next books might be getting made.

Thank you for your support. It means everything.