Wild Horses: Running Free

The very existence of many of the wild horses that live in North America is under threat from a changing environment, politics and less protected spaces to roam free.

These animals live all over the world, including the iconic mustangs in North America―a symbol of freedom and the American West. Today what we thought we knew about the history of wild horses and where they came from is changing. What makes a horse wild? Where do they live and how did they end up there? What is the relationship between wild horses and Indigenous Peoples? How are governments and citizens working for or against them?

In this book, readers discover the history, biology and ecology of wild horses and the key role young people are playing in protecting wild horse populations to keep them running free for generations to come.

“The entire book is complimented by many delightful additional stories in sidebars, as well as a thorough glossary and a list of all of Richards’ resources, in addition to a selection of incredible photographic illustrations that are second to none. Linda Richards … book will be treasured by all who love and respect horses.” — The British Columbia Review

“Aimed at a middle-grade audience, this book shines a light on the captivating world of wild horses. Vibrant photographs and a clear, engaging writing style make the information accessible and interesting for young readers. The book delves into the fascinating lives of wild horses.” — Children’s Literature

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