Exit Strategy is Out!

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The second book in the Endings series, Exit Strategy, dropped on May 17th. I love it. Like most writers, I spend a lot of time more or less in isolation, listening to the voices in my head. And once a year or so, it’s like we get let out to walk around and talk to people.

I love this book but it can be a little difficult to talk about. In part because you want to be careful not to give too much away when being interviewed about it. But also, realistically, it’s because, for me, that’s two books ago. That can make it a little difficult to remember minutiae about the story and characters.

Jen Pickens, who narrated the audio book said explains that, this time out, “our unnamed hitwoman is given a different kind of job, and we dive into the world of unicorn startups and green tech…and change is on the horizon.” Col’s Criminal Library calls Exit Strategy thoughtful “as well as exciting. Linda L. Richards manages the perfect blend of an evolving story featuring an unidentified danger and attempts to thwart it, with a character trying to figure out whether her life has any real purpose or value.“ While award-winning novelist Clea Simon wrote that she found Exit Strategy’s protagonist “wounded, laconic, and utterly irresistible.”

It’s been an amazing ride. Thank you so much for your support!

Want to learn more about Exit Strategy? That’s here.

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