Hello. It’s Me.

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In the rollicking ride that is contemporary social media, it turns out it’s easy to take your eye off the prize. The prize in this case is your attention.

Instagram. Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and more (and more and more) all demand material of one sort or another. And, honestly, since you can satisfy that hunger with a line or two, the longer form of blogging can slide down the pole. (Is that even a thing? Maybe not. But you know what I mean.)

I can remember (back in the olden days) when blogging was the thing that provided instant gratification. But everything is relative, isn’t it? And then maybe along the way we began to realize that instant gratification wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Is that why I’m back here? No. It is not. My web site stats on a couple of blog posts shot up, forcing me to remember I do, in fact, have a blog attached to the site, and so here I am.

When last we met (!) Exit Strategy had just come out. A lot has happened since then. Too much to stuff into a single post. But I do want to let you know that in 2023, I will have two books come out, both in autumn.

A work of non-fiction for children called Wild Horses: Running Free comes out October 17th. (I’ll just let you guess what it’s about.) Also, Dead West, the third book in the Endings series comes out September 5th.

Dead West by Linda L. RichardsI know it’s not supposed to be this way, but Dead West might be the best of the series so far. It’s dark and twisty and so very layered, it took me a bit by surprise. If pressed and being self-indulgent, I might say a little bit The Talented Mr. Ripley meets Girl on a Train (though what book would that even be?).

These days I’m working on the fourth book in the Endings series, plus other things I’m not talking about. And I’m playing tennis. And I’m cooking interesting stuff. Taking long walks in the desert (no, really). Traveling, for fun and other things. And now that I know you’re still out there, I’ll plan on spending some time here again.

Thanks for hanging around!