Did You Hear That?!?

Published by Linda L. Richards on

In a sea of beautiful words about my new book, Endings, some of the most trenchant came from the narrator of the audiobook version, the very talented and accomplished Jennifer Wren Pickens. It was on Twitter (so it must be true) but Jennifer wrote:

Endings is fantastic. It’s a thriller to be sure. It’s also a meditation on loss and redemption and the media, and it made me cry!

And, to that point, no one had said that: no one had articulated this thing that, when she said it, I understood to be true. “… a meditation on loss and redemption and the media.” For me, at any rate, that sums it all up as well as anyone ever could. Thank you, Jennifer.

While we’re talking about it, if audiobooks are your jam, this narrator has done an amazing job with the words I wrote. I am very lucky in my publisher in that I was given an audition tape early on and that I got to give the final nod to Jennifer’s participation. (Although it’s possible that they just understood that she was so good, there was no way I’d offer an objection.)

There’s a sample of the audiobook below, and I also understand that if you’ve been thinking about listening to audiobooks, you can get the audio edition of Endings for free if you click this link. (But don’t quote me. I know little about these things. If it doesn’t work, I don’t know what happened. This part of the biz is almost a complete mystery to me.)

But I wanted to give a special thank you to Jennifer for lending her beautiful voice to this complicated narrating character, and for, in the process, coming to understand the material at least as well as I do. ◊


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