The One That Got Away

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Some of the characters in my books have pottymouths. Not a lot but a few. I can’t control them. There they are, going along as nice as you please and suddenly — boof! — something off-color will emerge. I’ve tried to chastise those characters and let them know that some readers don’t like this sort of language, but they just won’t listen to me. There’s never a blue streak (well, I haven’t encountered one yet!) but the occasional expletive does seem to squeeze out here and there. Also, sometimes — though not often — there is completely non-graphic (mostly implied) sex and/or sexual themes.


Photo by Lauris Rozentals/Unsplash

I’m letting you know all of this for good reason: if this sort of thing offends you, it will be best if you don’t read my books. And if you go ahead and read one anyway, try to just insert a *bleep* in there if you read something that offends. I agree with you and would really prefer there not to be any foul language in my books. I mean, why should there be? But the characters, you understand. They don’t always agree with me. (About much of anything, really.) And though I voice my opinion, it often doesn’t count.

It almost never counts.

So remember: all readers are welcome. Always. But read at your own risk.

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