The Books

In order of most recent publication:

When Blood Lies (Nicole Charles series, book #2, 2016)
Vancouver Post gossip columnist Nicole Charles is only slightly put out when she discovers she’s been downsized. She figures she’s whenbloodlies-fullsizelucky to still have a job. It just means she needs to get a desk so she can work out of her apartment. But the desk she buys at auction proves to have more history than she’d anticipated, and the cache she finds in a secret compartment in that desk has links to a money-laundering ring, and an old school-mate.

If It Bleeds (Nicole Charles series, book #1, 2014)
Nicole Charles didn’t go to journalism school to become a gossip columnist, but the job fell into51UvQyj9psL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ her lap right out of school and her immigrant work ethic just won’t let her quit to find something she’d like better. It’s a good job, but she struggles with the stigma attached to her position by other reporters. More than anything, she wants to be a real reporter, but it looks like she’s never going to get a chance. And then someone dies and everything changes.

Death Was in the Blood (Kitty Pangborn series, book #2, 2013)
A wealthy young woman is threatened during preparations for the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles and secretary Kitty Pangborn takes on the case even when her boss says no. Death Was in the Blood is a darker, starker Kitty Pangborn novel at a time when everything is at stake while the City of Angels looms.

The Indigo Factor (2013)
Tinged with violence and page-turning suspense, The Indigo Factor introduces us to little Faun Wilkins, the delicate child who may be the messiah. Like Fringe meets The Sixth Sense, The Indigo Factor skates you to the edge of possibility… then pushes you over. A taut and muscular thriller that takes readers behind the scenes at the CIA, deep inside a doomsday cult and beyond.

Calculated Loss (Madeline Carter #3)
High finance and haute cuisine . . . a recipe for murder. Recovering stockbroker, Madeline Carter, drops everything and heads for Vancouver when she hears her ex-husband has died. But it’s soon evide51gIo4yk25L._UY250_nt that what appeared to be a suicide is really a cover-up for murder. But who is behind the television chef’s demise?

Dearborn 9-1-1 (Novella)
A single explosion, and everything is chaos. It only takes a few minutes for him to realize that the world isn’t ending. But on the heels of that realization comes another one: the world may not have ended, but it might as well have done.

The Next Ex (Madeline Carter #2)
Linda L. Richards takes readers on another rousing ride in The Next Ex, her second novel to feature “recovering stockbroker” Madeline Carter. Like Sunset Boulevard meets Boiler Room, with elements of classic Hollywood — both old and new — plus the high-paced, high tech high jinx of the contemporary financial world.

Mad Money (Madeline Carter #1)
“…Ma51Xo7fccamL._UY250_d Money is no lightweight airplane read; instead, we have the fiendishly complex tale of corporate swindles, surreal glimpses into the world of the stock-trader …. For a debut novel — bravo! If you need a fast-paced and fun read Mad Money is for you as it is a light in the noir and far, far from light-weight.” — Ali Karim, Crime Spree Magazine

Death Was in the Picture (Kitty Pangborn #2)
“Richards’s swell follow-up to Death Was the Other Woman … handles the slang and patois of the period neatly. Likewise, she paints a vivid picture of the contrast between those just scraping by during the Depression and those living high on the hog. Kitty has plenty of moxie, and while Dex gets top billing on the office door, she’s no second banana in this class act.” — Publishers Weekly

Death Was the Other Woman (Kitty pangborn #1)
“You’re about to meet a great new dame of crime fiction in Death was the Other Woman. Linda L. {6AC489DA-8B7F-4B2D-9FBC-A7AA0738983B}Img400Richards has created a stunning character with a voice and eye right out of a 1930s L.A. hard-boiled classic — guns and gams, booze and bodies, peepers and perps. Move over, Sam Spade — Kitty Pangborn’s on the case.” –LINDA FAIRSTEIN, author of Death Dance