Off the Cuff: Interview

Sam Wiebe, Linda L. Richards and Dietrich Kalteis around the time of the road trip mentioned. Photo by Robin Spano.

Today I’m off the cuff with my friend Dietrich Kalteis, a wonderful writer who, as it turns out, had a hand in the beginnings of Endings. From the interview on Kalteis’ blog:

‘And you said, “Well, that isn’t the book, Linda. It’s about her redemption.” I can still hear your voice: as though you were stating the obvious. And I swear, Dietrich, I had one of those filmic moments. You know when everything kind of goes blank? Everything just clicks into place. And, sorry, but I couldn’t get back to the city fast enough, unload you guys and get back to my desk to start hammering it out.’

Read the full interview below. While you’re there, check out his terrific books.