Diamonds and Rogue Women


Linda L. Richards author of EndingsI am so delighted today to be the guest blogger at Rogue Women Writers, where I talk about my new novel Endings. International bestseller Gayle Lynds is one of the driving forces behind that blog and I was gratified when, after I’d asked her to read the book in manuscript form with an eye to blurbing it, she not only gave me a killer blurb, she told me to be sure to remind her when the book was coming out so I could participate at Rogue Women. Here’s Gayle’s full blurb for Endings:

“Provocative and powerful, Endings by Linda L. Richards sweeps the reader from leafy suburbia into the strangely seductive underworld of a woman who teaches herself to kill for a living. Page after page, Richards ratchets up the tension, weaving tradecraft, disguises, and psychology into a riveting tale that peels back the layers of the soul. The prose is often lyrical, the descriptions of the human heart achingly accurate. It will surely stand with the year’s best suspense thrillers.” — Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author of The Assassins

You can read my blog for Rogue Women Writers here.