Linda L. RichardsOther than event updates, I have not maintained this blogspace. My bad. You know how it goes: you don’t do something for a while, then restarting becomes a seemingly insurmountable chore. Suddenly it’s just bigger than you are. Plus there’s just always so much to do. But here’s the rub: suddenly I just have so very much I want to share with you! Since last we spoke (ahem) I’ve had a new book come out and another, a novel, will be out in April. I mean, really: it just behooves me to start updating you again since it seems I have rather a lot to say!

So how do you begin? Well finally I realized: you do it the same way you write a novel: you just begin. And sometimes it will be like skating. And sometimes it will be a slog. But if you can Just Do It, you can get somewhere. And if you don’t do it… well, you can’t.

So here we go. I’m back. Thank you for hanging on!

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